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Practical information for Ensimag master's programmes : MoSIG, MSIAM, CySec, ORCO,CoDaS

Contact persons

International Relations @Ensimag
FunctionName, e-mail
DirectorOlivier Gaudoin
Head of the officeMarianne Genton
Assistant - incoming exchange studentsElena Leibowitch
Assistant - out-going studentsMairwen Perenon
Prof. in charge of international relationsFrançois Bérard
Prof. in charge of international relationsMatthieu Chabanas
MoSIG (Master in Informatics)mosig@ensimag.fr
MSIAM (Master in Applied Mathematics)msiam@ensimag.fr
Master in Cybersecuritym2cybersec@ensimag.fr
Master in Operations Research,
Combinatorics and Optimization
CoDaS (International Master of Science in Communications Engineering and Data Science)contact CoDaS

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