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Frequently Asked Question FAQ

Please read carefully before sending us your questions

  • Do I have to apply through your application system (FSA) or though Etudes en France?
You have to apply through our on-line platform (FSA - see admission page), and if you are accepted you will have to deal with visa matters, either by applying through Etudes en France, or through the Embassy, depending on the country where you live (see the list of countries on the admission page)
  • What is the CEF number?
It is the number given to you when you apply through Etudes en France.
If you do not have this number when you apply to our program, please send it us later using masters-admission@ensimag.fr
  • When will I receive an answer?
We hold an Admission committee each month. Two days after the committee is held, decisions are posted on your personal space, and you will receive an Email.
The letters of acceptance/refusal can be downloaded from your personal space as well.
  • Where do I upload my recommendation letters?
The recommendation letters are to be uploaded on the education section.
Once you have completed the information on your degree in this section, you will see it.
  • Can my referees send their recommendation letters directly?
You can either upload the letters if you have those, or send an Email to the indicated referees, by clicking on the button "send a request to the referee" after entering their names.
They will then receive a link in order to upload confidentially the letter themselves.
  • I must send a copy of my degree diploma. However my degree will only be awarded in June. I am eligible for the program?
Your transcripts of records will be enough to apply to the program.
We require the degree, if accepted, and upon registration only.
In the meantime, you can ask your university to provide a certificate specifying the name and date of award of your degree (upload this document instead of your degree under the section "Copy of Qualifying Diploma".
  • How to contact academic groups I you would like to work with?
Regarding research groups, you can have a look at the research labs teams related to the topics you are interested in.
However please note that contacting a research group prior to your application is not mandatory.

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