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Internships in a lab

Internships are offered in the various laboratories of Ensimag. On the webpages below you will find some offers to perform an internship/project in research laboratories in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. You can apply to these offers by sending a cover letter and a CV. If the position is offered to you, you will receive an invitation letter and all the necessary information regarding your stay.

Gipsa-labInternshipsGrenoble Images Speech Signal and Control
LIGInternshipsComputer Science Laboratory of Grenoble
LJKInternshipsApplied Mathematics and Informatics
TIMAInternshipsTechniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for Integrated Systems Architecture
TIMCInternshipsImage Processing, Applied Mathematics, Applications in Biology and Medicine
VERIMAGInternshipsTheoretical and Technical Means for Developing Embedded Systems


Research is achieved in Gipsa-lab thanks to 12 research teams organized in 3 departments: Automatic control, Images-signal, Speech-cognition.

A single internships web page has the offers for all the research groups of the lab.


APTIKALInternshipsAlgorithms, Principles and TheorIes for collaborative Knowledge acquisition And Learning
CONVECSInternshipsConstruction of Verified Concurrent Systems
CORSEInternshipsInterface between software and hardware
Ctrl-AInternshipsControl for Autonomic computing systems
DataMoveInternshipsData Aware Large Scale Computing
DrakkarInternshipsNetwork protocols and multimedia applications
EHCIInternshipsEngineering Human-Computer Interaction
GETALPInternshipsStudy Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech
MarvinInternshipsApproaches of Artificial Intelligence for robotics and intelligent systems
mOeXInternshipsEvolution of knowledge representations in individuals and populations
M-PSIInternshipsMultimodal Perception and (Multimodal) Sociable Interaction
MRIMInternshipsMethods for satisfying user information needs
POLARISInternshipsPerformance evaluation and Optimization of LARge Infrastructures and Systems
SLIDEInternshipsEthics and Privacy, Large-Scale Data Analytics, Information Exploration
SPADESInternshipsSound Programming of Adaptive Dependable Embedded Systems
TyrexInternshipsFoundations of the next generation of data analytics and data-centric programming systems


AIRSEAInternshipsMathematics and computing applied to oceanic and atmospheric flows
NANO-DInternshipsAlgorithms for modeling and simulating nanosystems
STEEPInternshipsSustainability, Transition, Environment, biophysical Economics and local Policies
TRIPOPInternshipsModeling, mathematical analysis, simulation and control of nonsmooth dynamical systems
ASARInternshipsApplied statistics and reliability
STATIFYInternshipsStatistical modeling of systems involving data with a complex structure
AnimaInternshipsAuthoring and Directing Story Worlds
CVGIInternshipsCalculus of Variations, Geometry, Image
MAVERICKInternshipsModels and Algorithms for Visualization and Rendering
MorpheoInternshipsPerception and interpretation of moving shapes using multiple camera systems
RobotLearnInternshipsRobot training to acquire the capacity to look, listen, learn, move and speak in a socially acceptable manner


The research topics of TIMA cover the specification, design, verification, test, CAD tools and design methods for integrated systems, from analog and digital components on one end of the spectrum, to multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip together with their basic operating system on the other end.

4 main research themes

  • AMfoRS : Architectures and Methods for Resilient Systems.
  • CDSI : Circuits, Devices and System Integration
  • RMS : Reliable RF and Mixed-signal Systems
  • SLS : System Level Synthesis

A single internships web page has the offers for all the research groups of the lab.


Biomedical Engineering, Information processing and Biomedical Modeling, Healthcare Planning, Neurons networks, Robotics, Cognitive Sciences, Data Fusion, Modeling and representation of learning and data, Integrative Cognitive Systems, Medical Imaging, Artificial Intelligence.

A single internships web page has the offers for all the research groups of the lab.


Embedded systems - Formal Specification - Verification - Test - Simulation - Critical System - Real Time System - Hybrid System - Safety and Security - Synchronous Language - Modeling and Analysis of complex systems - Communication Protocol - Compilation - Static Analysis - Code Generation - Real Time Scheduling - Real-Time UML – SDL

A single internships web page has the offers for all the research groups of the lab.

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