Initial training

University studies in France are relatively inexpensive compared to most European and North American countries, as Education is highly subsidized by the French government.

As with any French University program, registration requires payment of a registration fee which is revised annually by the French Minister of Education.

Information on the admission of non-EU students to Grenoble’s higher education institutions - Press release January 31, 2019

'''The Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes (ComUE UGA), the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Grenoble Institute of Technology (INP), Sciences Po Grenoble and the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble (ENSAG) reaffirm their commitment to international students, and to the values of openness and exchange. Grenoble’s higher education institutions will continue to welcome international students at all levels of study – undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral – at the same rates as French and EU students"

For 2019-2020, at Grenoble Universities

  • all students, whatever their nationality, will pay the "national rate" 243 euros /per year
  • the tuition waiver (from 3770 euros to 243 euros) will be automatic
  • student accepted for M1 will benefit from this national rate for their M2 year as well

In addition to this registration fee, students are also required to subscribe to the national health insurance program (free of charge)

Continuing Education

Students over 28 years old who are currently working in industry, might be required to pay a higher tuition. The University will decide on a case by case basis, and students who are admitted as continuing education students will be informed at the time of the admission.

IDEX Univ Grenoble Alpes Master Scholarships (open)

The « Initiative d’excellence » (IDEX in short) Université Grenoble Alpes is welcoming applications for the Master Scholarship program. Applications to this program are open to foreign students who apply to the Masters' programmes offered in Grenoble.


Applicants can apply to:

  • The first year of a Master
  • The second year of a Master

Students must be currently enrolled in a University outside of France

  • The selection of the candidates will mainly take into account their academic record and their material situation.


  • The amount of the scholarship is 8000 euros per academic year for master 1
  • For master 2, as the second semester is devoted to the final master thesis (funded internship) the amount of the scholarship is 5000 euros


When submitting your on-line application for the CySec, MoSIG, MSIAM or ORCO program, you will just have to tick a box "I wish to apply for a scholarship" You do not have to apply for the scholarship directly.


  • First call: results given by the end of June
  • Second call: rules given in July

Grenoble INP Foundation Scholarships for Academic Excellence (closed)

The Grenoble INP Foundation offers a limited number of scholarships based on academic excellence to students of Master 1 or Master 2 year of the International Masters programs of Grenoble INP. The scholarship amount is a maximum 5000€ per semester.

  • To be eligible, students must be at most 28 years old.
  • The program is open to students of any nationality (except France)
  • The program is equally open to Master 1 students currently enrolled in the first year of a two-year international masters program at Grenoble INP.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, as evaluated by the grades, recommendation letters and university of origin of the candidate.


When submitting your on-line application for the CySec, MoSIG, MSIAM or ORCO program, you will just have to tick a box "I wish to apply for a scholarship" You do not have to apply for the scholarship directly.

Deadline for Applications: early March, 2018 Scholarship award committee: March 15,2018 Reply to candidates: by mid-April 2018

Information and the on-line application process may be found here

PERSYVAL-Lab scholarships for master'degree (closed)

The PERSYVAL Labex program has just launched its call for applications for its scholarchip program for students applying to the second year Masters programs at Université de Grenoble related to mathematics, applied mathematics, informatics, signal processing and automatics.

Download the brochure

  • application procedure
  • opening: March 6th, 2019
  • deadline: May 21st, 2019
  • eligibility criteria
    • all students applying for M2 (M1 Ensimag students included) showing a strong interest for research and wanting to apply for a doctoral program within one of the labs associated with persyval-Lab
    • language requirements: TOEFL >80 IBT
  • 10 grants allocated for 2019-2020, based on excellence criteria (amount of the grant: 8000 €)
  • Eligible master's programmes taught in English:
    • M2 in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG)
    • M2 in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM)
    • M2 in Cybersecurity (CySec)
    • M2 in Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization (ORCO)
    • Master in Systems, Control and Information Technologies (MiSCIT)
    • Signal & Image processing Methods & Applications (SIGMA)
    • Mathématiques Fondamentales
    • Master Microéléctronique Intégration des Systèmes Temps Réels et Embarqués (MISTRE)
  • Contact

Please note that grant application process is independent of applications for admissions. Candidates will also be required to complete the admissions process to be eligible.