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The Double-Degree Framework

Students coming from partner institutions, if they meet the requirements, can register at Ensimag in the framework of our Double-Degree program. Within this program, they finish their studies at Ensimag and, if they validate their studies, they obtain a degree from both Ensimag and their home university.


Registering in the Double-Degree (DD) framework is only possible for students coming from universities that have signed a Double-Degree agreement with Ensimag. The specific requirements are detailed in the agreement. The list of universities that have signed an agreement with Ensimag is available on the partner institutions web page. If your university is one of them, check with your administration to get a copy of the agreement.


Warning! The following organization is only a general description. Please consult the agreement to learn the specifics concerning your own university.

  • students must have attended 3 to 4 years at their home university
  • students attend three semesters of lectures at Ensimag
  • students perfrom a final studies project ("Projet de Fin d'Études", PFE) during 5 months in a company or a laboratory
  • in some cases, one of the lecture semesters can be granted as equivalence to lectures attended at the home university

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