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Coming for an exchange

Students from partner institutions are welcome to apply for one or more semester as exchange students. Exchange students are accepted at Ensimag after having studied at least 2 years at their home university. They follow courses in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of the Ensimag curriculum, or a mix of courses from different years.

Applications forms are available on the Grenoble INP exchange application web page.

When coming as an exchange student, it is the home university that defines the list of courses that the student must attend at Ensimag. Ensimag simply checks that the student has the pre-requisites for the courses, and that there is no timetable conflict.

The student must sit the exams of the choosen courses and the grades are transmitted to the home university in order to validate these courses at the home university.

If a student fails the first exam session of a course, he/she can participate to the second session if one is programmed. If a second session is not programmed, the student can ask the professor of the course if he/she accepts to organize a second exam session for him/her.

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